Help us take action against ending free COVID-19 testing kits

Help us take action against ending free COVID-19 testing kits

Join us in calling on the UK Government to continue free tests for people who are eligible for COVID-19 treatments. 

The UK Government is ending free COVID-19 tests for everyone excluding people at highest risk of severe illness from April 1st. The impact this will have, is that family, friends and carers run the risk of exposing vulnerable people to infection unless they can afford to keep paying for tests.

LUPUS UK has joined the MS Society, Blood Cancer UK and Kidney Care UK as well as other charities in voicing our concerns to the UK Government in considering the needs of all higher-risk patients (like people with lupus) and assessing their risk of catching COVID-19. No person should have to face being at risk because they simply can’t afford a COVID-19 test. We all have the right to be protected.

We and other charities are calling the on Government to: 

  •  continue to make adequate numbers of lateral flow tests available for free for those 1.3 million people that are eligible for Covid-19 treatments, their households and personal contacts, regardless of whether they have symptoms or not; and
  • to provide new money to the NHS and Local Authorities to continue to fund regular testing of frontline health and social care

To help us #PlanToProtect, fill out this EMAIl TEMPLATE and send it to your local MP. 

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