Some Pointers

Study of many thousands of lupus patients across the world has led to the recognition of the following as possible early pointers of lupus. Only one or two of the pointers may be in evidence.

  • Rashes, facial or elsewhere

  • Teenage growing pains

  • Teenage migraine

  • Teenage glandular fever

  • Agoraphobia/claustrophobia

  • Severe reaction to insect bites

  • Finger flexing difficulty

  • Recurrent miscarriages

  • Menstrual cycle problems

  • Family history of immune system illness

  • Dry eyes/mouth

  • Low lymph count

  • Normal CRP and raised ESR

  • Borderline C4 complement levels

  • Dry Shirmers test (eyes)

  • eg Septrin or sulphonamide allergy

The list is not exhaustive and, whilst the GP or specialist should be mindful of the above possibilities, he or she will be guided by the diagnostic criteria.

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