Play our Weekly Lottery

LUPUS UK have teamed up with Unity Lottery to give supporters the chance of winning a £25,000 weekly jackpot. Each entry costs just £1 (with 50p going to LUPUS UK) and the draw takes place every Friday.

Prize Breakdown

Can anyone take part in the lottery?

The lottery is open to everyone aged 18 and over.


Can I choose my own numbers?

Once registered, you will receive your unique six-digit number sequence. The numbers are chosen at random and they will be your numbers for the duration of your lottery membership .

Can I have more than one entry?

Yes! You can select up to 20 entries. Each £1 ticket gives you one 'chance' of winning the lottery.

What happens if I win a prize?

If you are a winner, your cash prize will be sent to you via Direct Credit. This will mean that for Direct Debit players, cash winnings will be paid directly into the player's bank account. If you win prize entries, you will be entered into the next draw automatically.