Hatha Yoga for Lupus Patients

Komal Dadlani - Yoga Instructor

Komal is a healer and a guide at heart. Her relationship with Yoga, Vedanta and Meditation is deep-rooted in her Indian upbringing and a close connection to her mother, who instilled a deep sense of respect towards their heritage and home country, while growing up abroad in Chile, South America.

She is very close to the classical forms of practice and has trained intensively in Hatha Yoga to a level of 500+ hours throughout India, France, London and California, including four Teacher Training Courses.
She has a deep understanding of the use of asanas and pranayama for the purpose of healing and has completed two Meditation Certificates, a Panchakarma Programme in Ayurveda and various courses on classical scriptures such as the Raja Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Aparoksha Anubhuti, Viveka Chudamani, Yoga Vashista, Tattva Bodha and the Bhagavad Gita, amongst others.

Her mastery of yoga comes from strong discipline, having over 15 years of regular and constant practice. Komal helps students individually with precise knowledge of the workings of each posture and tailor-made guidance aligned to their physiological and psychological needs.

She works closely with The Life Centre, London and collaborates with yoga centres worldwide, in Chile, Spain & India, such as Pure Yoga Canarias, Yoga Mukti and Agni Yoga, leading workshops, masterclasses and courses on Ayurveda, Vedanta, The Astral Body, Pranayama and TTC modules on Yoga Philosophy and Meditation, over what is now more than 12 years of teaching experience.

Expect to be challenged, but very much supported and led towards the experience of a clearer and more joyful Self. Komal is super hands-on with her asana adjustments and guidance. You can expect precision and results-driven direction from her advice.

30-minute yoga session

Komal has teamed up with LUPUS UK to provide a 30-minute yoga session focusing on breathing better with gentle stretching.

LUPUS UK Yoga Classes

Komal hosts a virtual hatha yoga class for all LUPUS UK members and non-members:
- Every Wednesday
- From 7-8pm (UK time zone)
- Via Zoom

Each session is £8 with a % of the proceeds going to LUPUS UK.

Contact Komal via:

Recipes by Komal

Cucumber and Rice Pancakes


- 2 cups of rice flour (ideally Basmati Rice: I make this in my Vitamix)
- 2 cups of grated cucumber without the seeds
- Filtered Water
- Fresh grated ginger (to taste)
- Salt (to taste)
- A small pinch of cumin seeds
- Coriander (optional)
- Ghee (Clarified Butter)

1) Mix the rice flour, cucumber and some water in a bowl until you get a pancake-like consistency; or, if you have a powerful blender, blend the rice flour and cucumber into a pancake-ready batter/liquid. The juice from the cucumbers should suffice for this latter option and you can likely omit adding water.

2) Season the batter to taste with salt, grated ginger and a few cumin seeds.

3) Prepare your pancakes in a non-stick pan with ghee (clarified butter) and add toppings like coriander. Cook all the way through before serving.

(Komal recommends serving the pancakes with mint/coriander chutney.)

Date Water


- 250 ml of filtered or bottled water
- 5-6 dates
- Pinch of black salt (the recommended daily amount of salt should not be more than six grams, which is approximately one teaspoonful)
- Pinch of ginger
- Few drops of rose water
- Pinch of cardamom

1) Soak the dates in the water overnight until they are soft.

2) In the morning, pour the dates and the same water into a bowl. Shred the flesh off the pits and use your fingers to mix the fruit into the water until you have a somewhat homogeneous liquid.

3) Filter the water into a glass, continuously squeezing as much water as you can from the pulp left behind.

4) Season it with cardamom, rose water, black salt and ginger powder.

(Komal recommends not consuming tea, coffee or alcohol alongside this drink.)