Lupus Hair Loss and Wigs

hairHair loss is a common symptom of lupus. The hair often thins and can become patchy when lupus is active. It will usually regrow as the disease is brought under control. In discoid lupus, the scars left by the skin rash can leave permanent bald areas. Sometimes drug treatment can make the hair thin in people with lupus. This is known to happen in some people on antimalarials, methotrexate or steroid treatment and in most cases when cytoxic drugs such as cyclophosphamide are used. In all cases the hair should regrow when the drug is discontinued.


I’m considering getting a wig, where can I start?
If you are experiencing issues with your hair and want to discover ways to enhance its appearance, there are a number of solutions on the market, which range from bespoke pieces (made to cover only the area of hair loss), to full wigs.

There are a number of attachment methods for these hair loss solutions, however because of the temporary and intermittent nature of hair loss in people with lupus, any form of adhesive is inappropriate, as it will damage new-growth hair.

consi roomRaoul Wigmakers supply wigs and offer fitting services for those undergoing medical treatment or experiencing issues with the health and thickness of their hair for medical reasons. They have a team of designers, wigmakers and hairstylists who specialise in making bespoke solutions. For those who do not want a bespoke piece, there is a large selection of both human hair and synthetic ready to wear pieces.

google shoot wig makingAll of Raoul’s specialists are on site and so alterations or further customising for ready to wear pieces, can be done straight away and not outsourced overseas. Raoul’s specialist designer’s work with the customers to ensure the solution is appropriate for their lifestyle.

Raoul has been creating hair solutions since 1899 and works closely with both the NHS and private hospitals around the UK. They offer private fitting and styling rooms in their Paddington salon. For those who cannot come to London, Raoul offers a telephone/email service where the designer will work with the customer to achieve the right solution.

“My hair was beginning to thin at the front and I really wanted to find a solution which did not involve me having to wear a full wig, as I have great hair at the back of my head. My Hairdresser suggested I look at Raoul Designer Hair Systems as a solution that could work for me.
Raoul came to my hairdresser’s salon, so I could have a 1:1 consultation. They let me try different style Hair Systems, listened to what I wanted and recommended their ¼ Hair System. My head was measured and a bespoke Hair System made for me, which clips on to my hair at the front of my head and blends perfectly into my own hair at the back. My hairdresser will highlight the Hair System at the same time I have my hair coloured and highlighted.
I am so pleased as this simple solution is easy to wear and looks completely natural.”


How much does it cost?
Raoul offer consultations which normally last for 60 to 90 minutes for no charge. Following the consultation you are under no obligation to purchase a wig or other hair solution.

For NHS customers the cost could potentially be covered by the hospital up to their own budgets and limits. Wigs are available from the NHS but patients will be charged for them unless they qualify for help with charges.

Up to date costs of NHS wigs can be found HERE

Though patients may be exempt from NHS prescription charges, this exemption may not extend to other NHS charges. To find out if you may be eligible for a free NHS wig please click HERE

For private patients the price of the hair solutions can range from £150 to £1200 depending on the solution they require and what type of hair is used.


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