Raise Awareness

Lupus is a complicated condition which is still very poorly understood by the public and many within the medical profession.
There are many ways that you can help to raise awareness of lupus within the community:

LUPUS UK Publicity Materials

We have a wide range of publicity materials to help you raise awareness of lupus in your workplace, school, hospital and/or local community. The full range (including bookmarks, leaflets, posters, stickers, badges and more) is available free of charge.
You can request our publicity materials via our online form or by downloading the Publicity Leaflet.


World Lupus Day - May 10th

World Lupus Day focusses on the need for increased public awareness and understanding of lupus, increased research into the causes and to look for a cure for lupus, and improved diagnosis times and treatment of lupus within the medical profession.

LUPUS UK's 'World Lupus Day' resources can be accessed by clicking below;

Lupus Awareness Month - October

Lupus Awareness Month takes place during October each year in the UK. We encourage members to put up posters and host awareness and fundraising events (such as Lunch4Lupus or Go That Extra Mile) within their local community at this time.

LUPUS UK's Lupus Awareness Month resources can be accessed by clicking below

Adopt a Hospital

You could 'Adopt a Hospital' for Lupus Awareness Month and beyond by ordering the Display Stand and Bookmarks for display in your local hospital, rheumatology/lupus clinic. We would encourage you to keep in touch with these locations and ensure that the stand is always on display and there is a sufficient supply of leaflets. Please also try to get some of these boards located in your local shops, libraries, bookstores and any other location. Each board comes with a supply of bookmarks so just stand it up and insert the bookmarks - it just might be a good idea to ask first.

Let's ensure lupus awareness is all year round!