Life Insurance

Obtaining a life insurance policy can be difficult if you have a diagnosis of lupus. Many insurance providers may automatically reject an application for a pre-existing condition like lupus and other policies may be unaffordable.
NLP Financial Management has a partnership with LUPUS UK. They offer a free consultation to discuss your life insurance requirements. They can act as a guide and help make the application process for life insurance as painless as possible by speaking to the underwriters of life insurance companies to discover whether your particular circumstances are likely to be insurable. 

As an additional benefit, they make a contribution of 20% of their initial fee from the insurer back to LUPUS UK to show their continued support.  There is no charge to you to use their insurance services as they receive fees from the insurer once the policy is put in force.
For a free consultation call 020 7472 5555

"A  client with a lupus-related illness came to us having been declined by many front/headline insurers. She was hugely frustrated as she and her husband had children to support and a large mortgage. Many insurance companies perceive the risk of varying medical conditions differently. We have a good understanding of this, and with strong connections with senior underwriters we were able to secure this client insurance at an affordable level. The end result was her family and assets were protected."

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