Manage Your Lupus

The lupus patient will need to adjust to the demands of the illness and the impact of medication. Whilst some people are severely afflicted by lupus, many others (especially if careful for themselves) can live virtually normal lives. The aim must be to regain some quality in everyday life and the following rules may be of assistance:

  • become well-educated about lupus - it's really the only option

  • offset fatigue by rest and by pacing daily activities

  • try to resolve stress, depression, pain or anger

  • avoid exposure to direct sunlight and fluorescent lights

  • be open with family and friends on lupus unpredictability

  • develop new interests and skills if wished and if able

  • ask for help from family, friends and health professionals

Managing Your Symptoms


Managing ones lupus positively can lessen the chances of flares in the illness, where lupus becomes more active and the patient feels considerably less well. Emotional factors can contribute to flares, along with concern over ability to keep in regular employment that will provide necessary income. There may be times when the disease quietens or goes into a form of remission but there is no guarantee this will happen and many patients are not conscious of any form of remission in their illness.

You can watch some people with lupus talking about how they manage their condition in the video above.

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