Updated Lupus and the Skin booklet available now

Updated Lupus and the Skin booklet available now

We are proud to launch an updated version of our Lupus and the Skin information booklet. It is now available online and in hard copy from National Office.


How did we decide to update this booklet?

When we review any information materials, we consider if there have been any updates to guidelines, treatments, or knowledge about the topic, and what feedback we have received from people who have used the booklet. After our review, we decided that we needed a new version of the booklet so that we could include more information.

As we know that not everyone emails or calls us about what they think, before we started updating this booklet we used a survey to get more feedback from a wider group of people, to make sure we are meeting the needs of as many people as possible.

The cover of the updated Lupus and the Skin booklet. The subtitle is "A patient's guide to skin invovlement in lupus" and the picture shows a white woman's hands with a rash and some cream she rubbing in.What’s new?

Based on your feedback and updates to information and knowledge about lupus and the skin, the updated booklet includes:

• Updated photographs, and including a description of how a rash may look different on different skin tones where we do not have suitable photographs to compare.
• More information about the different types of lupus of the skin and whether these can overlap.
• Updated and expanded information about treatments.
• More information about wellbeing and more signposting of places to find support.
• A new cover image.

Who wrote the booklet?

This booklet was written by Dr Arvind Kaul (Consultant Rheumatologist) and Dr Victoria Akhras (Consultant Dermatologist). It was peer reviewed by Dr Donal O’Kane (Consultant Dermatologist). “Peer review” is when an expert who wasn’t involved in the writing process checks the information. This extra check helps to ensure our information is accurate and up to date.

A small group of people with lupus who had also responded to our initial survey gave feedback on the first draft of the update. The writers and our Heath Information Officer, Debbie Kinsey, used this feedback when they made the final version.

Where can I get the booklet?

You can read the booklet:

Online: As a PDF from our publications webpage

Paper copy: You can order paper copies for yourself or for your clinic, free of charge, by contacting Head Office on HeadOffice@LupusUK.org.uk or 01708 731251


We hope to hold a webinar with Dr Kaul and Dr Akhras in the future where they will talk through some of the information in the booklet and there will be an opportunity to ask questions. We will announce this on our website and social media platforms when it is organised.


Funded by British Association of Dermatologists. Healthy skin for all.The printing of this booklet was funded by the British Association of Dermatologists, for which LUPUS UK is most grateful.



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