Distance Aware Inititiative

Distance Aware Inititiative

COVID-19 restrictions are currently being eased throughout the UK. As the restrictions (such as social distancing and mandatory face coverings) are eased, we wanted to highlight initiatives aimed at supporting anyone who wishes to continue social distancing.


Please give me space
You may already be aware of the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Scheme which was launched in 2016.  The “Please give me space” initiative is a UK-wide concept developed by Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Scheme in collaboration with the UK Government’s Cabinet Office. 

The “Please give me space” symbol on a badge, lanyard or face covering is designed to be a clear indication that it is particularly important for anyone displaying the symbol to maintain social distancing, and indicates to others that they need to pay attention and give anyone displaying the symbol the space that they need to feel safe.  In short, the symbol makes an invisible need visible.

The UK Government has produced free downloadable mobile phone badges and printable versions which are available HERE.

More information on this initiative and details of available products can be found HERE.


Distance Aware
Wales and Scotland have adopted an initiative called “Distance Aware”, which was developed by the Bevan Commission.  This initiative aims to “enable individuals and organisations to politely prompt ongoing distancing and respect of individual social space”.

For further information and links to obtain badges and lanyards, please go HERE. The page includes links to charity partners who are selling badges and lanyards. LUPUS UK is currently making enquiries about being a partner with the scheme – keep an eye on our website and social media pages for updates about whether we will stock these in our online shop.

In Scotland, from 26th January 2022, the badges and lanyards will be available free from all community and mobile libraries. Badges will also be free from Asda stores, or can be ordered from the Scottish Government website for a small postal fee HERE.

The Public Health Agency of Northern Ireland have links to a briefing letter and downloadable posters HERE.


Hidden Disabilities Scheme
The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Scheme is a globally recognised symbol for non-visible disabilities, also known as hidden disabilities or invisible disabilities. Some people living with a hidden disability choose to wear the Sunflower lanyard to discreetly identify that they may need support, help, or just a little more time in shops, transport, or public spaces.

If you would like to order a LUPUS UK Hidden Disabilities sunflower lanyard and card, these are available in our online shop.



For up-to-date information and guidance about lupus and COVID-19, CLICK HERE.


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