LUPUS UK wins £1,000 Movement for Good award!

LUPUS UK wins £1,000 Movement for Good award!

LUPUS UK has won a £1,000 Movement for Good award from Ecclesiastical Insurance Group thanks to nominations from the public.

LUPUS UK is one of 500 winners in specialist insurer Ecclesiastical’s Movement for Good awards, which is giving £1million to charities this summer.

This donation will help to further support our COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Fund

Members of the public were invited to nominate causes close to their hearts, with 500 gifts of £1,000 available for donation. Over 13,000 charities were nominated by more than 210,000 members of the public.

Throughout the pandemic, many people with lupus have been disproportionately impacted. Many are considered “clinically extremely vulnerable” to COVID-19 and have needed to shield. This has resulted in reduced household income and often increased expenditure from bills and grocery deliveries. LUPUS UK initiated a COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Fund to provide financial support for those people with lupus experiencing hardship or crisis because of the pandemic. This initiative has helped people to pay higher bills or replace important appliances when they may otherwise have needed to return to the workplace before it is safe for them to do so. Many people with lupus take immunosuppressant medications, which are believed to reduce the level of protection offered by COVID-19 vaccines. Therefore, we will continue to provide this fund whilst people with lupus experience hardship as a result of the pandemic.

Mark Hews, Group Chief Executive of Ecclesiastical Insurance Group, says: “We would like to thank every single person who took the time to nominate a good cause as part of our Movement for Good awards. Ecclesiastical, the fourth-largest corporate donor in the UK, is a unique financial services group. We are owned by a charity which means all available profits can be given to the good causes that are so important to our customers. As a company whose purpose is to contribute to the greater good of society, charitable giving is at the heart of our business. We know that £1,000 can make a huge difference to the incredible work that charities do and we’re looking forward to seeing how this financial boost will change lives for the better.”

LUPUS UK is extremely fortunate to have an amazing family of members and supporters; we could not be more grateful for your assistance during this challenging time.


About Ecclesiastical and the Movement for Good award

  • Owned by a registered charity, Allchurches Trust, Ecclesiastical is a specialist insurer of the faith, heritage, fine art, charities, education, real estate, schemes and private client sectors
  • Ecclesiastical is one of the UK’s top corporate donors to charity. It has donated over £99m to charity since 2016 and is aiming to reach its target of giving more than £100m by the end of 2021. Find out more at
  • Ecclesiastical’s £1million giving programme, the Movement for Good awards, will help charities change lives for the better. Phase one will see 500 charities receive £1,000 while the other £500,000 will be given away later this summer. 30 charities will be chosen by a panel of judges to receive £10,000 to be put towards the advancement of heritage and arts, education, rural and community, climate, human rights and equality. Out of the 30 successful charities, two charities will receive an additional £50,000 each and one charity will receive an additional £100,000 award
  • The £1,000 awards launch on Monday 24 May and are open to all UK-registered charities. From 24 May to 13 June anyone can nominate a registered charity for the chance to receive one of the 500 £1,000 awards. The winners will be announced between 21 June and 2 July. For more information visit


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