New Smartphone App for People with Lupus

New Smartphone App for People with Lupus

SDF (Syamsi Dhuha Foundation), a non profit organisation caring for people with lupus has launched English and Mandarin versions of its popular Indonesian app ‘Lupie Diary’ to commemorate World Lupus Day 2017.

com.das.lupiediaryen_1750x750bbLupie Diary is a smartphone application which functions as a personal medical record. The aim of this application is to help people with lupus to personally keep track of all the medication they have. By using the app your medical records are in one place allowing you to more easily adhere to treatment plans.

The features of this app allow you to set reminders for taking your medication and attending medical appointments, keep track of your current prescriptions, symptoms, diagnoses, and contact information, and provides easily accessible information about the disease.


The app is now available to download for free for Android and iOS. Simply search ‘Lupie diary’ in your app store.

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