Addenbrooke’s Hospital awarded LUPUS UK Centre of Excellence

Addenbrooke’s Hospital awarded LUPUS UK Centre of Excellence

LUPUS UK has named Addenbrooke’s Hospital as a LUPUS UK Centre of Excellence in recognition of the Cambridge based hospital’s multi-disciplinary approach to diagnosis, treatment and management of the condition.

Following a successful site visit by assessors Yvonne Norton, Chris Maker and Peter Norton, LUPUS UK is pleased to announce that the Lupus Unit at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, fulfilled all the criteria required to become a LUPUS UK Centre of Excellence

On 4th July 2018 Yvonne Norton, Peter Norton, Jan Roberts and Chris Maker represented the charity at the presentation of the LUPUS UK Centre of Excellence award to Addenbrooke’s Hospital. Professor Graham Hughes assisted in the presentation and hospital consultants Professor David Jayne, Dr Frances Hall and Dr Natasha Jordan, who led the Centre of Excellence application, were present to accept the plaque. Hospital staff and members of Cambridgeshire Lupus Group took part and Chair Davina Frost, in her address gave a tribute to Shelagh Cheesman, whose husband Gary was a very special guest at the event.

LUPUS UK admires the dedication and commitment of the Lupus Team at Addenbrooke’s to seeking better treatments for lupus whilst helping people with lupus cope with their illness and live more comfortable lives.

You can learn more about the LUPUS UK Centres of Excellence and their requirements HERE.

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