Practical Aids

See-through Mask

A simple solution for a see-through mask offering UV protection. (Unfortunately if you need protection against the blue spectrum of visible light it will be necessary to wear an opaque mask which blocks out all light.)

A range of clear plastic medical visors are available from medical suppliers. A mask with nose pegs is probably not suitable for spectacle wearers.

Over the outside of the mask apply Dermagard film.

The masks I have seen are either not long enough or do not offer sufficient side protection. However the use of dermagard plus backing over the solid visor is helpful in preventing the dermagard flopping into your face or becoming quickly damaged and scratched, but because of the overhang it is necessary to retain the backing on the dermagard apart from a strip across the top of the headband.

Therefore the easiest way I have found is to purchase the Mask detailed below which allows you to attach a strip of dermagard only to the headband.

Mask from McKinnons, Product Code FS100 or GCSS Cost £45.42 for a box of 24 shields. (Called disposable for hospital purposes, well re-usable for ours - consider sharing a box among a group.)

• Cut the dermagard large enough for about a 4" overhang beyond the bottom edge of the visor.

• Separate corner of dermagard at top to see which is peel-off film (thinner and more bendy).

• Lay dermagard down with film side uppermost.

• Put ruler where you want to slice off film and gently run craft knife across (approx. 2.5mm).

• Lift top strip of peel-off film off, and spray the peeled dermagard with soap solution.

• Lay inner sponge of headband over side of table so mask is flush with table. Place dermagard on headband and squeegy. (Instructions for applying dermagard come with product)

• Trim above headband and sides of visor. Cut around button on each side of headband with craftknife - dermagard will stick better. Attach clothes pegs to each side of headband to help secure dermagard.

• Leave for 48 hours, then round off side edges and carefully dry between dermagard and visor.
If you find this too complicated you could try attaching the dermaguard to the medical mask simply with something like gaffer/duct tape.

You will need to use something like a headscarf as well.

Headscarf: Cover your head with a headscarf of UV protective fabric with long ends to wrap around your neck.

Attired in this mask and headscarf you will be protected from harmful UV but your face will be clearly visible through the visor, which is becoming a significant public issue these days.


Medical Suppliers:

McKinnon Medical Limited
Centrepoint, Chapel Square
Deddington, Oxfordshire 0X15 OSG
Tel: 0844 8005067
Email: [email protected]

J & M Medical
Unit 1, Wheatsheaf Colliery School Yard
Southwick Road, Sunderland
Tyne & Wear, SR5 1DD
Tel: 0191 567 4667
Email: [email protected]
Dermagard Supplier:

Bonwyke Ltd
Unit 3
Salterns Lane Industrial Estate
Salterns Lane
Fareham, Hampshire PO16 0SU
Tel: 01329 222299
email: [email protected]

Sunsibility UV Protective Clothing
Tel: 0208 224 2299

Sun Precautions (in America). Products can be ordered by internet.
Solarweave Fabric Supplier: (if you want to make your own headscarves from UV protective fabric)

418 8th Street SE
Bldg A-3
Loveland CO 80537-6477
United States
Tel: 970-663-6163

Simplified and Firmer UV Mask

We have found a simpler way to attach a UV visor to a standard medical mask.

The Durham Medimask was designed to protect the face while directing UV treatment onto a specific small area. However this mask can be easily adapted for our purposes, turning it upside down and following instructions below:

Directions for Mask:

1. Cut off elastic strap. Seal small slits with small strips of contac or sellotape.

2. Cut off Velcro circles.

3. Place UV mask over standard mask. Secure with strong tape such as gaffer tape (comes in different colours).

4. Make sure you cover the holes at the top of the mask when doing this.

5. Trim sides of UV mask which has flaps which extend beyond medical mask.

This UV mask is firmer and less crushable than the Dermagard film and easier to apply.
McKinnon Disposable Face Splash Shield
Code: GCSS
£60.55 for 24 shields
(P&P £8.95)
Tel: 0844 800 5067

Using Durham Medimask (UV Shield)
Code: H993
£87.50 for 25 shields & VAT (VAT exempt for disability)!
(P&P £5.50)
Tel: 0116 235 8818

UV Eclipse Badge

Eclipse Badges are available from LUPUS UK with the words;
"Made ill by Light" (for opaque masks) or "Made ill by UV Light" (for clear Dermaguard masks).
This helps to explain to onlookers the reason for wearing a mask. Find out more HERE.