MELODY Study – Investigating COVID-19 vaccine efficacy in immunocompromised people

MELODY Study – Investigating COVID-19 vaccine efficacy in immunocompromised people

UPDATED 04/02/2022

The MELODY study has been launched in the UK to investigate how people who are immunocompromised respond to COVID-19 vaccines. When vaccinated, antibodies are made by the immune system to fight infection.

In this study, the researchers aim to:

1. Assess how many immunocompromised people have detectable antibodies against COVID-19 following three vaccines. Antibodies will be tested using a finger prick testing kit they send to your home.

2. Investigate whether a lack of detectable antibodies are associated with risk of infection over a six-month period.

3. Investigate what factors are associated with lack of detectable antibodies in immunocompromised people, e.g. the type of immunosuppressant medication you receive. This will be determined by asking you to complete an online questionnaire with your antibody results.

The study is aiming to recruit people who have received solid organ transplants, people with rare autoimmune diseases (including lupus) receiving immunosuppression and people who have had a diagnosis of blood cancer.


Can I take part in this study?

A random sample of 36,000 adults who have received a solid organ transplant, or who have been identified by the National Disease Registration Service (NDRS) as someone who may have a rare autoimmune disease or a form of blood cancer are being invited to take part in the study.

If you are a solid organ transplant recipient, you can sign-up now by visiting the site (you need your NHS number) – CLICK HERE

People who have blood cancer or rare autoimmune diseases will be receiving personal invitation letters soon. The researchers have 36,000 antibody test kits for the MELODY study, which is enough to achieve valid results but not enough for everyone with these conditions to participate. Invitations are therefore going out to a random sample of those people who are eligible. You can learn more about how people are selected and invited in The MELODY Study Fair Processing Notice, HERE.


Where can I find out more?

You can read more about the MELODY Study, including a page with frequently asked questions and the participant information sheet on the study webpage at

If you use Twitter, you can see the latest updates from the study on their account – @MELODYStudyUK




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