ADAPT study recruiting now

ADAPT study recruiting now

The next round of the ADAPT study will be recruiting this week.

The ADAPT study is from the same team who did the INSPIRE study investigating how common neuropsychiatric symptoms are in conditions like lupus. In ADAPT, they are trialling different activities and support to help people adapt to life with lupus. ADAPT is a research project between Cambridge and Kings Universities led by Dr Melanie Sloan and Prof David D’Cruz, and funded by LUPUS UK and The Lupus Trust.

The next round of the ADAPT study will be recruiting this week.

What will happen if I take part?

People who sign up will be randomly allocated to one of four groups. Three of the groups have been designed to provide support in adapting to life with lupus and include:

  1. A (gentle!) online exercise course involving Pilates and Yoga suitable for all levels of fitness and mobility and designed for patients with lupus
  2. Listening support from The Wren project where you will receive fortnightly sessions online with a trained listener
  3. A text/video programme offering support and advice from specialists in lupus, mental health, psychology and a fellow patient.
  4. The control group which is a very important of research so the researchers can compare how well the activities are working. 


These groups will start at the beginning of September (though sign-up will be happening this week).

Who can take part?

You take part if you have systemic lupus, are aged 18 or over, and live in the UK. The researchers are trying to broaden these criteria for the next phase.

How do I find out more?

You can download and read the information sheet with all the details about the study here: ADAPT study – Patient information sheet

If you would like to take part, you need to complete this survey. The study can only take 50 people at this stage and sign-up will be closed when they have the first 50 surveys completed.

If you have any questions, you can contact Melanie at:


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